A shell script to create low quality variants of PDF files with GhostScript

How it works:

  • Use find to get a list of all PDF files in the given directory.
  • For each file:
    • Is the file larger than the minimum required file size (5MB)?; skip, if no, continue if yes.
    • Create a low quality variant of the file in /tmp, named „originfilename_low.pdf“
    • Check if low quality variant has a lower file size; if yes move it to the origin folder. If the new file is larger then the origin, remove it.

The script can be found on GitHub, see here.


VB-Audio – A free (as in beer) alternative to Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) for Windows

There are many use cases where you need virtual sound cards. For example to create Audio bots for Mumble.

Most users know only Virtual Audio Cable for that purpose, but there is a free alternative called VB-Audio.

See http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/index.htm.

It is donation ware so consider a donation if you like the software :)


New release for fgallery (1.8) – Creator for static image galleries with HTML, CSS and Javascript

With fgallery you can create an image gallery offline on your computer, upload it to some cheap web storage and forget about it, for example this one.

It is written in Perl.


Tool tip: Speedcrunch – A scientific calculator for Linux, Mac OS and Windows

Project site: http://www.speedcrunch.org/.

Arch Linux: pacman -S speedcrunch


Thanks @trustable.