Edit your Mumble Servers welcome message with mice and a channel as the editor

In this article I already described how to use Mice to manage your Mumble-Server.

Thats what I use instead of an admin interface.

But this is very unhandy if you want to change the welcome message (internally called welcometext) of your server because pasting much HTML code into an interactive Python shell does not work well.

Munin plugin for Mumble server (Murmur) updated

I used some code from Mice so that the plugin doesn’t need a Murmur.ice somewhere on the filesystem anymore. Instead if fetches the file dynamically from Murmur itself. Only if this fails it falls back to the Murmur.ice file.

If you have problems with the encoding version of Ice please change „prxstr“ in line 79 and 86 accordingly.

An introduction on how to manage your Mumble server (Murmur) through Ice with mice

In the last years I have been using Mumble-Django (MD) to configure my Mumble servers and in my opinion it is one of the best admin interfaces available.

But on a box with very little RAM I wanted something very simple so I started using „mice“ on my new server.