Registerusers Module for Mumble Moderator – Allow a specific group on your server to register new users

Mumble Moderator is a framework to extend the functionality of a Mumble-Server (Murmur). You can create so called modules for Mumble Moderator, like the following one.

How it works

Every user who is member of one or more specific groups in the root channel gets a new context menu entry named „Register this user on our Server“.

Why? There are Mumble permissions!

If you allow a user/group to register new users on your server he also is able to:

  • View IP addresses, certificates and all other details of all connected users.
  • Rename all registered users.
  • Remove all registered users.

Thats too much from my point of view and I want to have users/groups on my server who are only able to register someone, not everything else.

Download and install

You can get the new module on Github, see here.

The documentation is available in my Wiki, see here.

An installation howto for Mumble Moderator is available here.

If you need assistance in installing Modules of the Mumble Moderator, see here.