This is the second update of Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot „Winter melon punch“.


  • The superpassword was already completely removed in 0.10.0 but now we also removed the related help texts in .internals.
  • The logfile setting is now included in the override config file.
  • We added a URL to the override config file where one can read how the configuration file works.

Improved manage script

The script had some problems if you started more than one bot. Thats why we rewrote it.

Now it is much simpler to read and it uses tmux sessions instead of tmux windows.

And there is now a manage.conf where you can enable additional bots. That means you no longer need to touch the at all.

Update your bot (official installation howto)

If you used the official installation howto AND modified the script to start more than one bots then you need to login as botmaster and do:

cd ~/src/mumble-ruby-pluginbot
./scripts/ stop
git checkout scripts/
git pull origin master
git fetch --tags
cp templates/manage.conf ~/src/manage.conf
./scripts/ start

Then edit ~/src/manage.conf and enable your additional bots.

Update your bot (if you installed it yourself)

In all other cases you can run the updater script, see here and THEN copy the config as user botmaster:

cd ~/src/mumble-ruby-pluginbot/
./scripts/ stop
cp templates/manage.conf ~src/manage.conf
./scripts/ start

Virtual Appliance

The virtual appliances were updated.