We completed the documentation about configuration settings and removed the comments from the config file.

Information about the bot

The Version plugin has now one command only but shows more information about the bot, see .version:

Some git information:

Version (short): 1ef6b79 Version (long): 1ef6b793bc8fb5eb238fb2c1fb3baf1ddc625ec0 Date of last commit: 2017-01-20 12:53:27 UTC Branch: master Tag: 0.10.1 Commiturl: 1ef6b793bc8fb5eb238fb2c1fb3baf1ddc625ec0

This is very useful information if you want to create an issue.


We completely removed the example user hashes from the configuration files as some users feared those could be backdoors :P

In fact there were and will be no certificate out there that would match the example entries because the format was completely wrong by purpose. We placed them there to show how the list works.

Now there are links to the documentation only, see here.

Whitelist added

We created a whitelist for the bot. If it is enabled then only whitelisted users are able to control the bot. Superusers are treated as being on the whitelist.

See here for further documentation.

Blacklisted superusers

Even if a superuser is blacklisted by another user he will still be able to control the bot.

Bugs and fixes

  • .bind && .register fixed
  • .bind && .reset fixed
  • Blacklisting users fixed
  • The comment contains now a translated verion of the „about me“ sentence.

Update your bot

You can update to the latest version of the bot using the updater, see here.

Please run the twice :)

Virtual Appliances

The virtual appliances were updated to this latest release, see here.

Preconfigured System Images for Raspberry Pi2/3 and BananaPi

These images were not updated but you can still use them and then run the updater after installation, see here.