Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot is a versatile bot with many plugins which can for example download music from Youtube or other music/video platforms and much, much more.

It can be controlled via text commands within your Mumble client.

Today a great new version of Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot named „Winter melon punch“ (Version 0.10.0) was released with many new features, bug fixes, new commands, new plugins and translations.

New features and improvements§

  • The bot sets its logo as a Mumble avatar instead of embedding it into the comment.
  • The improved config file now uses YAML.
  • The queue shows the current playing entry in bold font.
  • Commands can be blacklisted.
  • You can delete several songs from the current queue with the delete command. For example .delete 1 5 6.
  • The bot checks if it has write permissions before downloading music and reports if it doesn’t have.
  • Many other fixes.
  • The installation howto now works also with Arch Linux (thanks @Nascher for his work).
  • Improved systemd service script.
  • Improved debug output in the log.
  • Improved directory structure.

Start script improved§

The script was replaced by a which can do more than just starting the bot(s).

Currently you have the following options: OPTIONS stop Stop the bot(s) start Start the bot(s) restart Restart the bot(s) uytdl|updateytdl Update youtube-dl log Show the bots log using tail status             Show if bots are running or not -h|–help Show this help

Start it without any parameter to get a help text.

More information about controlling the bot on the shell can be found here.


Working with playlists has been improved:

  • .saveplaylist was replaced by the new command .save2playlist to reflect that the current queue will be appended to an already existing playlist. Of course it will create a new playlists if one with the given name does not exist.
  • .replaceplaylist was added to be able to overwrite a named playlist with the current queue.

Improved Plugins§

Radiostream Plugin§

The radiostream plugin has some new commands:

  • .radioupdate – Let the bot download/update the list of available streams from
  • .radiocategories – Get a list of available categories.
  • .radiocategory – Show all streams of a category, for example **.radiocategory Electro
    ** With the previous command you get a list of all streams within this category.
  • With the command .radioselect Electro 5 you let the bot add the fifth stream to the current queue.

New Plugins§

New Version Plugin§

This plugin shows some version information of the bot.

You get the current branch, a general information and also a clickable URL linked to Github for the last commit the bot uses.

See .help version for more information.

New Mixcloud Plugin§

There is a new plugin that allows you to download music from

See .help mixcloud for more information.

New Timer Plugin§

This plugin is able to remind you (through text messages) at a specific time.

See .help timer for more information.

Documentation improved§

The documentation about the bot has been moved from my own wiki to „Read the Docs“, see here.

This also means that you have the option to download the whole bot documentation as PDF, Epub or as a zip archive with HTML pages.

The source code of the documentation is available on GitHub and you can contribute to it or create an issue, see here.

i18n – Internationalization§

The bot has now the basics to „speak“ other languages than English and is already translated into German and also into Bavarian.

But we need your help to translate the strings into other languages. Take a look into the i18n directory of your bot.

How to update my bot 0.9.x? You may, but don’t…§

So much code was changed that you can say this is a complete new bot. This means that you cannot simply update your bot. Of course you can try to if you know what you are doing, but we recommend to do a fresh install.

Try my upgrade tutorial but beware that it might not work.

How to update in the future?§

Beginning with this release there is a new script which you can use to update your bot in the future.

There are Superusers§

You can add so called superusers into the bots configuration. You need the certificate id (hash of the certificate).

Only those superusers are able to use the commands „set“, „reset“ und „settings“.

There is a Banlist§

You can insert the certificate id of Mumble users into the bots configuration so that the bot ignores them permanently.

If you are a Developer§

In case you are a developer you may want to adapt the new URLs of the project because we created a new organisation named MusicGenerator on GitHub to have a central place for development.


This is not exactly a new feature of the bot but I would like to mention that I wrote a Dockerfile to build a Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot image for Docker, see here.

The Dockerfile was updated and now you can have one persistant playlists volume for all of your bots.

Improved VirtualBox Virtual Appliance(s)§

There are now two flavors of the VirtualBox Virtual Appliance containing the new version of the bot.

You may use them if you can’t or don’t want to install a bot yourself.

Of of the virtual machines does have a terminal only.

The other one has a lightweight Desktop environment to configure and edit the bot. You can also control the MPD.

See here for documentation about the virtual appliances.

Preconfigured System images§

There are also preconfigured system images for Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi3 and Banana Pie, see here.

Thanks at…§

  • Thanks @Nascher for providing a Testserver where we can build and use our Pluginbots.
  • Thanks @robin for providing space to upload the VirtualBox virtual appliance.
  • All the users on our Mumble-Server who tried and crashed our bots again and again :)

Read the documentation§


Have fun with the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot „Winter melon punch“ :)

BTW: If you want to try the bot before installing it you are welcome to visit my Mumble-Server. We have several of them.