Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot is a Mumble-Ruby based, extensible bot which can play audio, be fed by different sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Internet radio and it can be completely controlled via text messages within your Mumble client.

I created my first Dockerfile and it builds such a Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot or many of them if you want :)

It builds the Bot based on the development branch which has many new features compared to the current stable version 0.9.1.

MPD included

The „Music Player Daemon“ runs in the same container because this was easier to set up.

There is a mpd.conf if you want to configure it.

One can optionally access the MPD through the exposed port.

Bot settings

There are Mumble related environment variables to specify the host and port the bot should connect to and also username, password, channel and bitrate.

If you want to configure more settings then edit conf/override_config.yml.


All downloaded music, the automatically created certificate and the temp directory are outside the container (volumes). Thus one can reuse certificates and music across different or new containers.

Try it…

You can find the Dockerfile at and also some documentation about how to build and run it.

Please create an issue on GitHub if you have ideas or find a bug.


If you prefer to not use Docker and to manually install the development branch of the bot you can find an installation howto at my wiki.

General information about the Bot can be found on Github .