The Tiny Tiny RSS Reader for Android is free software and the source code is publicly available; but the compiled app was removed from F-Droid long ago and since then I have been forced to use an outdated version from my backups…

There is an alternative app but its not as good as the „original“.

You can get the app on Google Play but it is a trial version I don’t have an account there with the possibility to pay for it.

Some time ago @nascher told me that he set up an own F-Droid repository and I asked him if he could build „Tiny Tiny RSS Reader for Android“ there and he did – Thank you very much for that :)

He also removed the trial stuff from the app.

You can add his repository in the F-Droid app. The URL is

Be aware that this is a private repository and you need to know what you are doing or need to trust the repository hoster…