Few months ago I posted here that we use so called „low bandwidth“ channels for our users so they can decide whether they want to listen to audiobots sitting in their channels (see here). This is sometimes needed because when local muting a bot the user still gets the voice stream and this consumes traffic.

If you don’t want to waste traffic, go to the „Low BW“ channel.

The problem was that almost in every channel there were a linked subchannel named „Low BW“.

I wanted to automate the process of creating and removing such channels and so I created a new module for Mumble Moderator which handles this for us :)

How it works

As soon as a member of a definied group (default is „bots“) enters a channel the server first checks whether there is already a „Low BW“ channel. If not it creates one, links it with the parent channel and denies the bot group to speak in the „Low BW“ channel.

The users in the parent channel get a message:

Tidy up sometimes…

There is also a watchdog running which checks every 300 seconds (can be changed) if there are „Low BW“ channels in the following states:

  • No users are in the „Low BW“ channel itself.
  • No users are in the parent channel.

If both matches the watchdog removes the channel and logs it the logfile of Mumble Moderator.

Get the module

You can get the module on GitHub, see github.com/Natenom/mumblemoderator-module-collection/tree/master/lowbandwidth-channel/.

Install it

See here if you need an installation howto for Mumble Moderator Modules or here for MumbleModerator itself..