A great feature of Mumble is the ability to link channels together so that users can hear each other while sitting in different channels.

This can be used for some cool setups, for example for Low Bandwidth channels, see here.

The main problem with linked channels is that when you want to send text messages, they are not forwarded by the server. So you need to send the same message to evey linked channel.

One solution is to send a so called „tree message“ where a message is sent to all subchannels as well. But that doesn’t work if the channels are within different parent channels.

A few years ago I already tried to create a simple „Message Forwarder“ module for Mumble Moderator but it didn’t work well when more than two channels were linked.

Today I updated this module called „forwarder for mumo“ and it works regardless of how many channels are linked together.


For privacy reasons the module does not forward a message if the sender is not residing inside one of the linked channels. This is because from the outside you cannot see which channels are linked together and so do now know who would get the message.

You can disable this behaviour by setting the following in the .ini:


Try it…

You can get the module from GitHub, see here.

Or visit my Mumble server