Migration of my Mumble server – HostEurope to DigitalOcean – IPv6 Support

Last night I migrated my Mumble-Server from HostEurope to DigitalOcean.

Reasons for the migration

  • Costs – I pay less than the half for the new server.
  • „Debian oldstable“ – the old server was still running on an Debian 7.9; the new one runs Debian 8.3.
  • HostEurope is currently moving his servers from Germany to another location and at least one customer I know reported packetloss for Telekom customers. The location of my new server is Frankfurt.
  • My Mumble server is now reachable with IPv6 and IPv4 :)
  • Hopefully better IO speed (SSD) – on the old server the Murmur database was stored inside a ramdisk because the IO was so bad that switching channels was very slow.

How I migrated

I use Ansible to configure my servers so all I had to do was to run the Ansible playbook once, then copy some data, import SQL-Databases, reboot the system and everything was done :)

Of course it needs a lot of preparation to write the playbook; but then you can set up a new server within 10 Minutes.

What do you need to change?

If you are a user of my server you don’t need to change anything. You already use the new server.

Information about the Server

Some information about my Mumble server can be found here.

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