Some great features have been implemented into the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot:

  • You can change the bitrate while the bot is connected to your server via the .bitrate command
    • The bot reduces its quality automatically when it connects to a server that allows a lower maximum bandwidth than what was set in the bots configuration.
    • The bot mutes itself not only if all users left his channel but also when connecting into an empty channel.
    • The new command .bandwidth shows current bandwidth settings of your bot:
    • You may also try the new command .framesize with values from 10 up to 60; default is 10. The higher the framesize the lower the overall bandwidth and overhead. This feature is not meant for daily usage yet because anything not 10 ms will become „laggy“.

Manual update

If you update your Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot you must also update your mumble-ruby in order to use the new features.

Automatic update

Both can be done with the script if you used our installation howto or downloaded the VirtualBox appliance.

Virtual Appliance

I am going to update the VirtualBox appliance later this night.