With the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot you can stream your music into your Mumble server. Every user can control the bot to download music from several online platforms like Youtube, Soundcloud and more.

Today we released Version 0.9.1 with many new features.

New features

  • .yta“ can handle multiple ids at once seperated by spaces; for example „.yta 1 5 10 28
  • .radiostream should now be able to add and play most radiostreams. If you find a stream that does not work please report it here. If you need URLs of internet radios try dir.xiph.org/wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Internetradio/Stationen or www.shoutcast.com/.
  • If a radiostream URL has several entries in its playlist you can choose one or more with the „.choose“ command.
  • Instead of „.radiostream URL“ you can now also use „.URL“.
  • When an unregistered user enters the channel the bot pauses its music, this is old. Now it unpauses automatically when all unregistered users left the channel. In case of a radiostream it just mutes itself bacause pausing a live stream is a bad idea :)
  • You can now use „.play first“ and „.play last“ to play the first or the last song in the current queue. Lets say you added a song into the current queue with many songs you can now just play the last entry instead of getting the queue from the bot and starting the last id in the queue.


  • The number of results from the command .yts is now limited to 200, but can be changed in the configuration.
  • The updater script runs completely without interaction when selecting the entry „Update everything bot related at once…“.
  • The update process when adding files to the local repository or when invoking an „.update“ command is now faster because the bot now recognizes when the update finished instead of always waiting 10 seconds :P
  • The command „.delete“ is now documented in „.help mpd„. You can delete a single entry from the current queue with that command.

Improved development strategy

In the past when you set up the bot it could sometimes happen that you got a buggy or not working bot.

Thats why we changed how we work with branches so that the „master“ branch is now always clean and working. The development takes place only in the „devel“ branch and for every release we are going to merge devel into master.

Install new dependency

In order to run the latest version of Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot you need to install the crack gem which is used to handle xml stuff.

If you installed the bot with the official installation howto, then login as botmaster and do twice:


Twice because first the updater updates itself and then needs to run again in order to update the dependencies :)

Select both times the first entry and press enter; thats it.

If you want to do it by hand or didn’t use the installation howto, then login as botmaster and do:

rvm use @bots
rvm @bots do gem install crack

VirtualBox appliance updated

The VirtualBox appliance was already updated to the new version.

See here for details.

Bug fixes

  • The bot doesn’t crash anymore when a user without a certificate sends a command to it.
  • The bot unsticks itself from a channel when he receives the „.gotobed“ command.
  • Some more bug fixes …

Information about the bot

All information about the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot can be found here.