Mumble Moderator (also called MuMo) is a Python framework which allows its modules to extend the functionality of the official Mumble server of the Mumble project.

I wrote a new module for MuMo which adds suffixes to user names based on their operating system.

The basic idea (from Vrifox) is to recognize mobile users in order to be able to support them better because the client configuration is different for mobile clients.

Thats why the default configuration only adds a telephone icon to mobile Mumble users using Plumble, Mumble for iOS or Mumblefy.

But you can also add unique suffixes to Windows users, Mac OS users, Linux users and to Mumble-Ruby bots.

Here are two screenshots of our server while testing the module with non-default settings:



Default suffixes

The current default settings are:

suffix_android = ☎
suffix_ios = ☎
suffix_iphone = ☎
suffix_mac = „“
suffix_x11 = „“
suffix_rubybot = ♫
suffix_windows = „“
excluded = exclude_notice

Exclude users

Members of a group named „exclude_notice“ do net get a suffix at all as you can see for the user „Natenom“ in the above screenshot.


The info page for the specific module „mumo-os-suffixes“ can be found here.

A howto for setting up the Mumble Moderator can be found here and a list of all modules for Mumble Moderator is here.