As you can see the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot is being activly developed; if you have wishes, ideas or bugs please report on our GitHub project page.

These are the new features: 

  • The automute function is now enabled by default. If the bot is alone in a channel he mutes himself and the song is paused until a user enters the channel. This saves a lot of bandwidth.
    • If you command the bot to come into your channel with .ch it automatically undeafens itself, no wakeup command is needed anymore.
    • A new updater script was added which doesn’t only update the mumble-ruby-pluginbot itself but also all dependencies.
      virtualbox_appliance_for_mumble-ruby-pluginbot_updater-scriptRunning a complete update through the updater…virtualbox_appliance_for_mumble-ruby-pluginbot_updater-script_running
      (The script is located in mumble-ruby-pluginbot/scripts/
    • The .seek command works now as it should for absoulte positions (.seek 10:35) and for relative ones (.seek +15/.seek -10:30).
    • When you create a playlist with .saveplaylist you get a confirmation now.
    • If the variable mumbleserver_targetchannel in the configuration file is empty the bot complains to go to bed and informs you what to do.

VirtualBox Appliance to run the Bot#

The VirtualBox appliance for the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot was already updated to the new version.

With this appliance you can run a fully configured and set up Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot on your desktop within a virtual machine.

Fix for installation howto#

If you used the offical installation tutorial for installing the Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot on your own server then you must install the following two packages in order to make the Ektoplazm plugin work:

sudo apt-get install unzip unrar