Mumble-Ruby-Pluginbot is a Mumble-Ruby based, extensible bot which can play audio, fed by different sources like Youtube, Bandcamp and more and is controllable through text commands within your Mumble client.

Here is a list of the changes from the last weeks.

New commands

  • .ytdl-version – Shows every version of the used youtube-dl binaries used for all plugins.
  • .version – Shows the git version string of the bot.
  • .delplaylist id – Removes the playlist referenced by their id. Use .playlists to get a list of all playlists.
  • .duckvol – Shows the current ducking volume and whether it is enabled.

New features

  • A new variable has been added for an initial volume of the bot with a default value of 65 %.
  • The bot is now able to register itself on a server that allows self registration (which is default). Use .register in order to do that :)
  • Instead of adding stream on every startup this is done only once now.
  • On every start through the start script youtube-dl gets updated.
  • The start script doesn’t use fixed paths anymore. Instead all paths are relative to $HOME.
  • The bot checks if it is muted or deafened before it unmutes/undeafs himself; this reduces „Bot unmuted/unmuted himself“ messages.
  • A start script for systemd was added.
  • If available youtube-dl downloads Opus audio from Youtube.

Bug fixes

  • Seeking forward/backward works now as it should. Try .seek +30 to seek 30 seconds forward or -30 to seek backwards.
  • If you installed the bot with the installation howto then a .bind, followed by a .restart the bot did not reconnect. This is fixed now.
  • Fix crash when using .play with a not existing ID.

Try it

The bot is open source, you can run it headless on a Linux server, on your desktop or download a fully installed virtual appliance for VirtualBox in order to use the bot on any other operating system.

The documentation about the bot can be found here.