Rename users

The murmur log file contains now also the new name of a renamed user instead of the ID only. This patch was created by bontibon.

murmur.x86: 1 => <11:Natenom(123)> Renamed user 2612 to ‚Leon‘

User limit per channel

The function to set a user limit per channel was updated to allow „admins“ with the permission „Write ACL“ to enter such a limited channel even if it is full. The patch and the update was done by bontibon.

Save images


Sent images can now be saved from the chatlog. The patch was created by bontibon.

Local volume adjustment for users

The dialog to adjust the local volume of users was updated by Nascher:

  • Added a Reset button
  • The volume can be changed from -60 db up to +30 db instead of  -30db up to +20db.
  • Added a warning text about setting the volume too high.
  • You can use the slider to change the volume, enter a value or use the arrow keys in the input box.
  • When a volume adjustment dialog is opened you can still interact with the Mumble main window or open another adjustment dialog.


Test with Client snapshots and an updated Mumble-Server

If you want to test the new features you can download the new snapshot for the Mumble client, see here (Development section).

To test user limited channels you need an updated server. You may visit our Mumble server where you can create temporary channels. It runs on the latest snapshot version.