Mumble development news – Drag multiple users at once, font sizes, user limit per channel

Drag multiple users at once

There is a new pull request from austinliou which implements the possibilty to move more than one user at once. It wasn’t yet merged though.

Here is a short animated gif, click to run it:mumble_development_pull_request_multiuserdrag

See here for details.

Font size

Another change from the Mumble developers adds the ability to change the font type, size and other font details for each „Log messages“, „Channel tree“ and „Input field“ or simply for all of them.

This can be done in the new „Fonts“ section in User Interface of the configuration window:


For example this is the old style of the Mumble main window:mumble-development_without_font_select

And this Mumble main window uses the Hack font (size 14, bold):


User limit per channel

In the stable Mumble server there a setting to limit ALL channels of a server to an amount of users (usersperchannel).

Now there is a Pull Request from bontibon, which enables the admin to set a user limt for each channel.

If a user tries to join a already full channel he gets the message: „Channel is full“.

You are welcome to join our server if you want to test this new feature.



All changes haven’t been accepted yet but they probably will be :)

A complete list of all changes for the upcoming Mumble version 1.3.0 can be found in the official Mumble wiki, see here.