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If you get something like this:

Fatal error: Uncaught Ice_UnknownLocalException /opt/Ice-3.3.0/include/Ice/BasicStream.h:112: Ice::MemoryLimitException: protocol error: memory limit exceeded thrown in /var/www/hpbyip/mview/view.php on line 147

The solution is to increase the MessageSizeMax in Ice. Default size is 1 MB.
You need to increase it on both sides. We will use 10 MB.


Add this line to your php.ini or elswhere into the php configuration (two 

and restart your apache/lighttpd:

Murmur (Mumble-Server):

You need at least a snapshot from 7. Nov or git. Before this date it was not possible to give Ice-Options to murmur.
murmur.x86 ––Ice.MessageSizeMax=10240

This is all :) Our Mumble-Viewer works now :) Thanks.

For more IcePHP options, look here: